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  First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
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Template description: This template generates a 12-team tournament bracket with spaces for first-leg, second-leg, and aggregate scores, except for the final.

Infobox code


|RD1-seed1 =
|RD1-seed2 = 
|RD1-seed3 = 
|RD1-seed4 = 
|RD1-seed5 = 
|RD1-seed6 = 
|RD1-seed7 = 
|RD1-seed8 = 
|RD1-seed9 = 
|RD1-seed10 =
|RD1-seed11 =
|RD1-seed12 =

|RD1-team1 = 
|RD1-team2 = 
|RD1-team3 = 
|RD1-team4 = 
|RD1-team5 = 
|RD1-team6 = 
|RD1-team7 = 
|RD1-team8 = 
|RD1-team9 = 
|RD1-team10 =
|RD1-team11 =
|RD1-team12 =


Template parameters

  • RD1, RD2, RD3, RD4 — The names of each respective round.
  • The rest of the parameters fill in the bracket and consists of the form X-YZ where
    • X is the specific round
    • Y is either the team's name or score
    • Z is the specific placement on the bracket, counting from top to bottom.