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Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final

Template documentation

Template description: This template generates a generic 16-team tournament bracket. It is intended for use in tournaments where the pairings are reseeded after both the first and second rounds. It is designed to minimize the use of vertical space. It also allows the use of a third-place playoff; to display the third-place match, the parameter "RD4b" must be non-blank.

Despite its name, this bracket does give the option of having seeds. Seeds can be generated on a team-by-team basis; if you want a box for a seed, use the RDX-seedZ= parameter and put something in it (a blank box can be generated with RDX-seedZ= ). If you omit the parameter or leave it blank, the box will not appear.

Infobox code

| RD1=
| RD2=
| RD3=
| RD4=
| RD4b=

| team-width=
| score-width=
| score-align=

| RD1-team01=
| RD1-score01=
| RD1-team02=
| RD1-score02=

| RD1-team03=
| RD1-score03=
| RD1-team04=
| RD1-score04=

| RD1-team05=
| RD1-score05=
| RD1-team06=
| RD1-score06=

| RD1-team07=
| RD1-score07=
| RD1-team08=
| RD1-score08=

| RD1-team09=
| RD1-score09=
| RD1-team10=
| RD1-score10=

| RD1-team11=
| RD1-score11=
| RD1-team12=
| RD1-score12=

| RD1-team13=
| RD1-score13=
| RD1-team14=
| RD1-score14=

| RD1-team15=
| RD1-score15=
| RD1-team16=
| RD1-score16=

| RD2-team01=
| RD2-score01=
| RD2-team02=
| RD2-score02=

| RD2-team03=
| RD2-score03=
| RD2-team04=
| RD2-score04=

| RD2-team05=
| RD2-score05=
| RD2-team06=
| RD2-score06=

| RD2-team07=
| RD2-score07=
| RD2-team08=
| RD2-score08=

| RD3-team01=
| RD3-score01=
| RD3-team02=
| RD3-score02=

| RD3-team03=
| RD3-score03=
| RD3-team04=
| RD3-score04=

| RD4-team01=
| RD4-score01=
| RD4-team02=
| RD4-score02=

| RD4b-team01=
| RD4b-score01=
| RD4b-team02=
| RD4b-score02=


Template parameters

  • RD1, RD2, RD3, RD4 — [OPTIONAL] The names of each respective round. Defaults to "Round of 16", "Quarterfinals", "Semifinals", and "Final", respectively.
  • RD4b — [OPTIONAL] The name of the third place round. If this parameter is not used, the third-place match will not appear.
  • team-width — [OPTIONAL] The width (in pixels) of the team field for each game/match. This allows for longer player or team names. Defaults to 125 pixels.
  • score-width — [OPTIONAL] The width (in pixels) of the score field for each game/match. This is useful if you need room for complex scores (e.g. Tennis). Defaults to 25 pixels.
  • score-align — [OPTIONAL] left or right will override the usual centered alignment of the scores
  • The rest of the parameters fill in the bracket and consists of the form X-YZ where
    • X is the specific round
    • Y is either the team's seed, name, or score
    • Z is the specific placement on the bracket, counting from top to bottom.

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