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{{Documentation subpage}}
{{Documentation subpage|[[Page where the documentation transcluded]]}}

Userbox documentation

To set this template to use "userbox" and "userbox page" rather than "template" and "template page" or "user template" and "user template page", use:

{{Userbox documentation subpage}}
{{Userbox documentation subpage|[[userbox page]]}}

Text customization

The parameters |text2= and/or |text1= can be used to set the text of, respectively, the template's first and second lines. If text2 is set but not 'text1, both lines' text will derive from text2: Template:UnHidden begin {{Documentation subpage |text1='''''text2 appears here''''' |text1='''''text1 appears here'''''}}

Template:UnHidden end Template:UnHidden begin {{Documentation subpage |text1='''''text1 appears here'''''}}

Template:UnHidden end Template:UmHidden begin {{Documentation subpage |text2='''''text2 appears here'''''}}

Template:UnHidden end

Other parameters

|inhibit=yes will prevent this template from generating any categories. (By default, "Namespace documentation pages" (usually Category:Template documentation pages) is added, or Category:Documentation subpages without corresponding pages if the main page doesn't exist.)


This template should normally be placed at the top of /doc pages. It changes output depending on where it is viewed:

  • On a /doc page, it displays a box explaining template documentation and links to the template page.
  • On other pages – i.e. pages transcluding the /doc page – the template will not show. The template page itself (which contains {{Documentation}}) will automatically note that the documentation is transcluded from a subpage.


In addition to its message, the template adds pages to Category:Template documentation pages, Category:User documentation pages, or similar (named after the subject space), but only for documentation pages in namespaces with the subpage feature. It defaults the sort key to the page name without namespace: Template:Foo, for example, would be sorted as "Foo", i.e. under "F".

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