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[[File:{{{flag alias}}}|23x15px|border |alt=|link=]] {{{name}}}

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This template is used to display a small flag icon next to an unlinked country name. It is an alternative to the {{flag}} template, for use in instances where the country name should not be linked.

See w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template for the main documentation/discussion page for the flag templates system.


{{flagu|country identifier|optional variant}}
  • country identifier is the common name of the country (e.g. "United States"), a common alias (e.g. "US"), or a standard country code such as those listed at w:ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
  • variant is an optional second parameter that can be used to display a flag variation, such as a historical flag. The list of variants for each country is documented on the appropriate template page, such as Template:Country data Germany

See the prefix index for the templates latently called by this one.


Wiki markup Displays
{{flagu|Germany}}  Germany
{{flagu|GER}}  GER
{{flagu|Germany|empire}}  Germany
{{flagu|German Empire}}  German Empire

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